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About Me

20140309_140654Hmmm… a little about me. Me… well, I’m Mrs. AKA. I am 30+ yrs. old. I am proudly Canadian. Yes, that is indeed an important fact about me 😉 Hence the logo…. no matter where my life takes me, my heart will always be in Canada.

I am wife to a delightful man, Mr. AKA, who I have been with for 10 years this summer. We are an interracial couple – though I am sure you didn’t need me to tell you that if you already looked at the picture! We met online 11 1/2 years ago, and that is how I came to be in the US! I mother of 4 amazing children who are sweet, wonderful, challenging, precocious, intelligent, creative, and test my patience. 1 girl – Little Miss AKA and 3 boys completes our family(Little Mr. AKA 1, Little Mr. AKA 2 and Little Mr. AKA 3). No four-legged family members currently, as Little Mr. AKA 2 is allergic to dogs…. *sigh* ….and no cats yet, to which our other son has a mild reaction to. We do have a guinea pig now, that Little Miss AKA saved her birthday money for and loves dearly!!!

I am a jack of all trades, expert of none. I try to live life simply, though life is never simple. I adore photography, baking, writing, horses, reading, reading and more reading. I strive every day to better myself, though sometimes I swear I have taken 50 steps backwards. I am a recovering perfectionist…. have not totally been able to get rid of this annoying trait yet, but am lightyears away from where I was!

I am practical and logical thinker.

I struggle with meeting new people. I seem quiet when first met, but am a steadfast friend once you get to know me. I am a listening ear, giver of hugs and shoulder to cry on. I try to uplift and encourage as best as I can.

I am a country girl living in the city. An odd, and frustrating fit at times, but I am surviving. I long for space, mountains, clean air, horses, trees, beautiful sunsets, fresh veggies from a garden, rivers and a slower pace.

All in all… I am a woman, a mother, a friend, a help…. aka Wife.