My life has been a struggle with Candida for at LEAST 9 years. However, with that being said… I actually think I have been struggling with Candida since I was 16. When I was 16 I got Swimmer’s Ear, an outer ear infection. It was SO hard to get rid of. I was on antibiotics and ear drops for at LEAST 4 months. Probably longer though. I had serious pain. I think that this caused such an imbalance in my body that the yeast took over. Then when I got married and moved “to the city” my way of life changed. My eating changed… and sadly, not for the better! And the high sugar, refined crap made my yeast issue worse. Then throw in stress, depression, having 3 kids… etc etc… my body is WAY out of whack.

So have set forth to fix it! I am going to call this my “Get the heck out of here” Candida Diet… hehe. I think that sounds perfect. Since I have systemic yeast, and it is throughout my whole body I feel that going this route is the best way for me. So I came up with a plan yesterday. I am going to blog about it as I go along.

Here is my plan:

First 2 weeks
Veggies – low sugar
Nuts – no cashews or peanuts

Supplements – I found a good source online that gives me general dosages:
Omega 3 w/Vitamin A & D
Vitamin B Complex w/niacin(YEAST FREE)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Evening Primrose (need to get the dosage from my mom)

Fruit juices
Refined carbs
Fungi(mushrooms, etc)
Grains & beans – for the first 2 weeks

Veggies To Avoid – due to high sugar/carb content:
Winter squash

After 2 weeks – in moderation, adding back slowly & one at a time:
Brown rice

So that is my plan.

I am sick of feeling run down, exhausted, foggy, sleepy, sick, and starting to have more and more food sensitivities. I have been feeling really bad the last few days. That is what has spurred this on. It has also been VERY difficult for me to lose weight. The nutritionist at my chiropractors office said that a yeast problem as bad as mine would make it VERY difficult to lose weight. I have had to fight for EVERY SINGLE POUND I have lost over the last 4 years! All 64lbs. Even going to from being sedentary to exercising and eating right didn’t change much. I would lose a few lbs here and there, but for how much food I used to consume vs. what I consume now… that alone should have weight falling off me.

My starting weight, prior to getting pregnant with my last child was 320lbs. I have no clue if that was my heaviest. I just didn’t weigh. I just know that was my weight prior to my pregnancy. Since that day I have lost(during pregnancy due to being so sick!) weight and then gained some back after giving birth, but then started slowly been whittling away at it since then. Like I said I have lost 64lbs. When I weighed the other day I was 256lbs. I had been at 249lbs, but have gained back 7lbs. Posting these numbers is so hard, but it’s my life. It’s my struggle, and it’s about to be my victory. I am 5’9″ tall and don’t necessarily have an “ideal weight” in mind. Though I think I would like to be in the 170lb range. We will see as I go along.

Me with my new nephew in April 2011

This journey is about bettering my life. It’s about making me a better person, so that I can better take care of my family. They are my life and I would do anything for them. I can’t take care of them properly if I am not taking care of myself properly! So here is to me!

I will be posting at the end of everyday what I had to eat and drink, how I am feeling, and if anything else happens. So here it goes! Opening post here, Post #2 tonight!