Ok, so this isn’t gluten-free. This isn’t at ALL gluten-free. One fantastical obstacle at a time people! 😉 With that being said… enjoy!

My baby… well, my middle baby, turned 7 recently. We celebrated his birthday this past weekend. Him and I were talking at the beginning of the week and I asked him what kind of cake he wanted me to order. I was then informed he wanted ME to make him one. Ok, let me clarify. I got a bit behind and it was WEDNESDAY when I sat down to talk to him! My brain immediately started scrambling.

He decided he wanted a Mario/Sonic cake.

I got the grand idea to try something I haven’t tried… ever. I have decorated cakes, but nothing “professional”, though cute. They worked, and they were yummy, but I had never tried anything major. I certainly had never worked with fondant! So why not try making a Mario Storage Cube and a Sonic Ring. Why not right?

With all that being said…. I am VERY proud of how this came out, especially for my first try 😀 It was sooo yummy! The flavors were delectable! And though it isn’t a professional cake, it looked great!

I decided to go with a pre-made fondant, since making your own can be tricky in itself! Wilton Read-To-Use White Rolled Fondant was my choice. I have to say that it tasted pretty good, and was decently easy to work with. Though I have never worked with any other kind!

I also found some wonderful recipes for Buttercream icing and a cream cheese frosting(for between the layers), and several varieties of cakes that each tasted amazing! Lemon cake, strawberry cake, confetti cake(x2), and chocolate cake. The chocolate cake was the favorite, but they all were good!

Here is the finished product:

5-Layer Cake

Inside the Ring