Ok, so I slightly fell off the face of the earth! Getting into the routine of school has been more challenging then I thought it would be…. we’re slowly getting there, but my word! And I have been feeling under the weather since Thursday night. Here is hoping it goes away soon!

I am going to have to jump back in with my Candida thing, meaning posting every day, probably in a week or so. I have not stopped and have YET to slip up! YAY me!!!! I’m pretty proud of myself! I will however update that I have gone from 256lbs to 246lbs in roughly 1 1/2 weeks! I am also noticing that the stiffness in my joints that I had is going away… which is a major relief! I have had my moments of DESPERATELY wanting chocolate, ketchup, salad dressing… among other thing! But all in all it’s going great!

I am struggling to find the Lentil Split Pea Soup recipe I wanted to post, but I have 2 things that my wonderful husband insists that I post! They are both sooo simple and sooooo yummy!

I have been learning about enjoying the simplicity of foods, since there are a LOT of things I can’t eat! Salad is one of those things. I now thoroughly enjoy just sea salt and Garlic & Herb Mrs. Dash on my salads! They are delicious!

Another simple thing I love is Unsalted Organic Butter, melted in a pan with fresh spinach added & a little sea salt on top. Wilt the spinach down, stirring occasionally and serve! Soooo good!

Simple Yumminess #1



Turkey or Beef Pepper Onion Burgers
1lb of ground turkey or beef – I have done it with both
6 mini sweet peppers, chopped
1/4 green bell pepper, chopped
Onion, chopped – I use a LOT but we LOVE onion in my house!
Garlic cloves, minced – optional, but I have to up my garlic so I put in 5 last time!
Garlic Powder – yes we love garlic
Sea Salt
Mrs. Dash Steak Seasoning
**All spices are to taste

Mix well. Split into 4 even sized balls. Form into thick patties. I broil mine roughly 7-10 minutes each side. They are DELICIOUS!!!



Burger made with Ground Turkey

Burger made with Ground Beef

Simple Yumminess #2



Sauerkraut Chicken Tenders
1 flat Chicken Tenders – roughly 1lb
Mrs. Dash Steak seasoning – yes I know… but it’s good!
Sea Salt
1/2 onion – sliced in 1/2 from top to bottom, then sliced to form 1/2 rings

Season, to taste, chicken tenders with Mrs. Dash, Garlic and Salt. I do it on one side, then flip it over and so the same on the other. I fry mine in either Organic Unsalted butter or coconut oil. Fry until almost done. Add onions on top. Continue you cooking. When you flip the tenders over, put them ON TOP of the onions. This will allow the tenders to cook more slowly as it finishes, and let’s the onions saute. When onions are almost done, add as much sauerkraut as you like. I so a good 3/4 of a cup. Stir gently to mix in. Allow to heat through. Then it’s ready to serve! Simple, easy and soooo good!!!



I am working on new posts tomorrow so there will be some new recipes that I have tried…. yummy! Well, I wouldn’t know… but everyone ELSE said yummy!!

As we simplify how we eat, I think I will be posting some of the most simplistic things I made. After all….. we need help since, life is never simple!