Ok, so I posted my pledge. Then life happened. My poor husband got sick…. like really sick. I know men can act like they are DYING when they are sick. Life doesn’t stop when a mom gets sick, but when a man gets sick… look out! However, this time I got extremely concerned. We were going to take him to the ER one morning, but he had started improving and we were able to avoid that.

He was a mess! He slept most of one day, and off and on for the following 3 days. His fever wasn’t super high, around 100F. He could barely swallow anything, and was delighted when I decided to grab some grits for him to try. He was able to eat for the first time in days. He got to the point though, that one side of his face was so puffy that it made him look like he had put on 40-50lbs overnight. My bigger concern was that his neck was hurting him… a lot. It was so stiff and sore that I was worrying about meningitis. It was shortly after fleeting fear, that he started getting better.

There was a funny moment though….. well, it was also part of what spurred my meningitis fears, but we can look back and see the humor now. So my sweet wonderful husband apparently likes to email in a state of delirium. He happened to email his best friend in this moment. It was a LONG email and one of the most random epitaphs I have ever heard, with some of the worst spelling and grammatical errors I have ever seen him make! I had him send over one snippet that him and I dying laughing when we read it.

Random thought… if we put pepper in radiators to plug leaks… why the hell do we eat it on our meals. Subsequently, why isnt it used in the medical field? Wait. Probably because if pepper got into your blood stream you’d die a painful death. But youd be damn tasty.

Hahahahaha…. I still get a laugh out of it when I read it! He has since revived from the dead and is back to functioning like a normal human! YAY! I seriously was so worried. My heart can rest easy now and move on to bigger and better things…

Which leads me to my next piece of news, and another reason why I haven’t been able to post. We are moving!!!!

We're moving to Oregon!!!

We’re moving to Oregon!!!

I have been busily packing, cleaning and organizing for our long journey. We are off to Oregon. We are heading to Bend, Oregon on Tuesday morning. We are having a garage sale this weekend. We pick up our moving truck Sunday at noon. Packing and cleaning Sunday. Monday the carpets are getting cleaned and we are having our inspection. We then are staying overnight in a hotel and heading out early Tuesday morning.

We are VERY excited for this next chapter in our lives, and I am SO excited to be heading back to the West Coast!!! I have missed it so much! I will also be only 15ish hours away from my family. We are all very excited about the prospects of visiting Canada soon! 😀

I have a couple of blog posts that I am working on about this trip. First off, our van cleaning and organization for this trip. It’s going to take us about 3 days to get there. My wonderful husband is driving the moving truck, and one child will be riding along with him. I will have the rest of the kids in the van with me. The van was carefully scrubbed and cleaned! I took before and after pictures and it is astonishing! It’s also going to be important to be organized for the trip. So I will be putting together a blog post about what worked, what didn’t, what I would have done different and any additional tips I learned along the way! The second one will simply be the adventure of our trip 😀

We are so excited and get wait can’t to head out on Tuesday morning! It’s been a fun ride Augusta….. but….. Peace out!