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Trying This Freezer Meal Thing – Day 1

This is going to be as compact and informative as I can make it. I have been very sick(as you can read on my last post, and that was only me touching on the first month I was sick. It is now Augusta, I am still sick, and I was rushed to the ER yesterday for non-Epileptic seizures… will fill everyone in as soon as I can).

I woke up one morning, knowing I needed to make our money stretch, knowing my husband has been crazy busy with work and taking care of me, and feeling like something was going to happen. So cooking I must do. People were then asking me for recipes. So, I will lay out what I did. This is the first time I have EVER done anything like this. It would have been a lot quicker if I hadn’t have been sick, and whole heck of a lot easier. Oh well!

I have a unique way of organizing my cooking lists whenever I do massive baking. For me, it’s easy for me to keep track, it’s in my face so I don’t forget anything and it’s always fun moving my stick notes from one place to the next as I finish!


I write each item on a sticky note and stick it on the sliding glass door in my kitchen. As I finish, it gets moved to the other door and is then “done”

So there you have it. I do that at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and now for my Freezer cooking. 🙂 I feel organized and more able to see exactly where I’m at in the grand schemed of things.

First things first…. I took a few days and dug through multiple sites. At first I thought I needed freezer meals that were specifically for that. It wasn’t until after I started cooking that I realized that you can do it with pretty much any of your favorite meals! This also, even while sick, was easier then I thought it would be! That was exciting for me.

Everything right now takes me a lot longer and I have to be more careful because I forget things, and lose track of where I’m at, so my chance of error is VERY high. I managed to get through without to many mishaps.

Normally I would post this at the end, but I wanted you to see what was accomplished. I forgot to get the meatball cups, meatballs and jam in the picture

Normally I would post this at the end, but I wanted you to see what was accomplished. I forgot to get the meatball cups, meatballs and jam in the picture

My Day 1 Ta Da List:
Gluten-free flour mix
Gluten-free Bisquick mix
Boiled eggs(for lunches etc)
Baked eggs(for breakfasts)
Jam – strawberry/rhubarb and strawberry blueberry
Quinoa – split into 1 cup bags(one of my fav things when sick)
Oatmeal Banana muffins
Taco Chicken – 2 meals
BBQ Chicken – 2 meals
Keto Fajitas – made 2 meals – for Kenny
Keto Taco Chicken w/veggies – for Kenny
Turkey meatballs
Mini Meatloaf Cups

I decided to start with the simple recipes, and recipes that OTHER recipes relied on to be made. So, gluten-free bisquick and my gluten-free all purpose flour were up first.

This is my all time favorite gluten-free flour to make. I absolutely love it! I use tapioca starch in my. Perfect to replace flour in almost any recipe I have tried!

I decided I wanted to try my hand at a pectin free/sugar free Jam recipe I found. I was excited and hopeful. I was NOT disappointed!!!

Next up I whipped up a batch of Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins to get baking while I worked on some of the meat recipes. I also got a pot of quinoa on the stove to cook(to use in my meatloaf cups), and got 2 dozen eggs boiling.

Quinoa, baked eggs and boiled eggs

Quinoa, baked eggs and boiled eggs

These are SO easy to make and SOOOO good!

I then moved on to all my chicken recipes. This, for some reason, seemed a little more daunting to me. This is what I did though.

Amazing recipe given to me by a friend of mine a number of years ago… it is now a family favorite!

Oh! and don’t forget to write your directions on each bag before you start adding ingredients! VERY important, and will be much less of a headache!

I then made 3 Keto meals for my hubby.

Keto Taco Chicken
1 medium zucchini, sliced
1/2 lg onion, sliced
14oz chicken breast (I weighed so he could track, I simply diced what chicken was left, weighted and added to the bag)
1 tsp Taco seasoning – no sugar

He can simply pull it out, fry and enjoy!

After the muffins were done baking and I was doing deal with the chicken, I decided to make some baked eggs.

At this point I thought I was done, but before shutting it down for the night I threw together a batch of meatloaf cups(I wanted to use the quinoa before putting putting that way) and a batch of Turkey meatballs while the meatloaf cups cooked.

Here are the meatloaf cups, meatballs and jam. I had to take the picture the next morning because I forgot

Here are the meatloaf cups, meatballs and jam. I had to take the picture the next morning because I forgot

On to the meatballs!

Oh! And any leftover quinoa I had, got measured out into 1 cup increments, bagged and frozen for quick easy add-ons for me 🙂

I was DONE!!!!! Well, for Day 1 anyway. I’m sorry if this was jumbled. I really did try my best to get it out as clearly as possible. I am exhausted today and my head is still muddled. Once I am doing a little better I will be going back and adding links to all the places I got the recipes from. That is just an overwhelming task right now. Time to rest….

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. My comments section is now working again 🙂


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